Your rights as a student

Within what time should exams be corrected?

The answer is you normally should know your exam results within three weeks after the exam date (15 work days). This is a question that you can find the answer to in the code of rules and procedures.

The code of rules and procedures is a compilation of rules that which rights and responsibilities you have as a student as well as stipulations regarding university activities. This acts as the framework primarily aimed toward students, administrative staff and teachers. The code of rules and procedures is for education at undergraduate and graduate levels at Umeå University.

The link to the collection of rules as well as other important information to know, which addresses common questions and rules regarding cheating and plagiarism. This explains what cheating and plagiarism means including consequences of this and how to avoid cheating and plagiarism.

The code of rules and procedures can be found here.

If you have questions or comments on the structure of the code of conduct or cannot find the answer to your specific question, contact

Rules regarding written exams can be found here.

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