What is U9?

U9 is a cooperation and exchange between the nine biggest business schools and its associations in Sweden. The associations involved are the following:

  • Ekonomihögskolan i Växjö Studentförening – EHVS (www.ehvs.nu)
  • Ekonomföreningen vid Linköpings Universitet – ELIN (www.elin.se)
  • Föreningen Ekonomerna Stockholms Universitet – FEST (www.fest.se)
  • Handelshögskolan i Göteborg Studentkår – HHGS (www.hhgs.se)
  • Handelshögskolan i Stockholm Studentkår – HHSS (www.hhss.se)
  • Handelshögskolan i Umeå. Studentföreningen – HHUS(www.hhus.se)
  • Jönköping International Business School Student Association (www.jibsstudents.com)
  • Lundaekonomerna (www.lundaekonomerna.se)
  • Uppsalaekonomerna (www.uppsalaekonomerna.se)

The presidents for these associations and their president or chairmen of the education committee meet twice every semester to discuss issues of different sizes. One example of a small but important point of discussion is how the organization should work with evaluations. Larger issues can be changes in law, example the proposition of autonomy which means that universities around the country can have a bigger say and freedom in how their organization should look like.

For HHUS, the president for the whole association together with the president of the education committee is sent to these meetings. The schools circulate in which city holds the conference. HHUS was in charge of a meeting in 2013.