International Student

Being an international student and studying in a foreign country is not always easy, it can many times be difficult and confusing. But apart from those times, it is an exciting experience filled with new friendships, new cultures, fun activities and memories for life.

Since Umeå is going to be your new home for a time, it is important for us that you feel comfortable and safe here, and that you get as much as possible out of your stay! That is why you should get involved with HHUS and our activities. Below you will find activities that we offer all international students studying at the Umeå School of business. You will also find a “survival guide” containing information that can be very helpful during your stay in Sweden.

If you want to get involved in activities such as:
Learning and practicing the Swedish language (from basic to advanced levels)
Participating in HHUS and other university activities or organizations
Learning more about Swedish cultures (through baking, fika, movies etc.)
Then, send an email to

Are you as a Swedish student planning on studying abroad during your university studies? Then we highly recommended you to get involved as a Swedish language teacher for the language courses that we organize every semester. It is a fun way of meeting new people and learning about new cultures while earning extra points that can be very useful in your application for exchange or study abroad programs. Any questions, concerns or opinions, don’t hesitate to send an email to the international student coordinator (

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