About the Association


About the Association

HHUS – The natural meeting place for business students

The Umeå School of Business and Economics student association, HHUS is a volunteerassociation for all students at the Umeå School of Business and Economics. We are a non-political party, non-union, and non-religious association, with the purpose of handling and supporting our members’ interests. We work towards good contact between our members, our school, and businesses. HHUS is a section and an association below the “Umeå Studentkår” (Umeå Student Association). Students at the Umeå School of Business ad Economics, USBE, that have paid their fees, are a member of HHUS.

USBE is for those who study a program within business administration or courses within business administration at Umeå University. HHUS works with three main issues: education, social, and business contacts. HHUS also administers over E-pub, one of the few places mainly for students, and handles the magazine “Ekbladet”, which is released four times a year.

Every year there is an election for the different president positions within HHUS, which are elected by HHUS members. They run HHUS and their different branches during a period of one year. The presidents themselves choose which members, approximately 40 people, are going to work within the different committees: Education, Social, Business, Marketing, Economy, and E-pub.

By clicking on the links, you can read more about how YOU can get involved with the different committees and positions.

Except the ones that have a filled position within the committees and the board, we are actively looking for project members and welcomes students with their own ideas for different projects. Follow us on Facebook and visit our webpage to apply to our new projects.