In 1965 Ume������������������ University was founded by King Gustav VI Adolf. The university came to be after a lengthy pressure from enthusiasts who were keen on having Norrland’s first university in Umeå. During the late ‘60s the Faculty of Social Sciences was formed and thus came Umeå’s business programs and the first economic union, Umekon. Umekon was built by a group of students nicknamed “Axtorpsgänget” after the street name of their student housing. The 1970s was characterized by student uprisings, strikes, and a very lively student life. This stamped Umeå University as “the red university.” During the 80s, E-pub was built as an “underground club” in the Ålidhem student living area. It was built by a group of students who wanted to have their own place to party and hang out.

An important milestone for Umeå’s business students came in 1983 when the student newspaper Ekbladet started. The next milestone was in 1989 when the university grouped the institutions of business, law, economic history, economics, and statistics together as the Business School (Handelsh��������gskolan). In 1997 the economic unions, Umekon and Uminek, joined together to become the Business School Umeå Student-Union (Handelshögskolan in Umeå Studentföreningen) which is usually referred to as HHUS.

Today, 16 years later, HHUS has more than 1500 members among the students who study at Umeå�����s Business School. HHUS is very much alive and well. It consists of six committees who work to make their students’ duration of study the best possible both in and outside of studies.