Junior Controller, the E-pub


The economy of the HHUs has always been subject to discussion. With a growing and a comprehensive management of vouchers and/or supporting documents, and other economic duties, a person responsible for the economy has always been necessary. The president of the economy committee leads the operations of the economy committee together with the vice president.


The Junior Controller shall, on the behalf of the economy committee, function as a support and an advisor to the economy committee in their work and planning regarding economic questions in the pub committee. Moreover, he or she shall function as the controller of the E-pub, assisted by the people responsible during nights with the economy as the particular area of responsibility.


The Junior Controller of the economy committee has the operative responsibility for economic questions in the pub committee, including

-Making the pub committee’s budget.

-Doing a follow-up of the pub committee’s results.

-Preparing the contract of employment, signed by the employees and the president of the Pub committee.

-Calculating the accounts payable invoices.

-Updating the pub committee’s break-even analysis on a continuous basis.

-Supplying monthly reports of shrinkage.

-Assisting the members of the committee with their own expenses.

-Being held accountable for continuous stocktaking at the E-pub.

-Supplying other economic information as required by the Pub committee.

-Being the president of the economy committee’s right hand during process of making the budget for the whole organization.

Committee Affiliation

The Junior Controller for the economy committee is a part of the HHUS economy committee. The natural link to the board of the organization is through the president of the economy committee.


The junior controller for the economy committee is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.