International Swedish Connection Coordinator (ISC)


HHUS should be a natural arena for Swedish and international students to meet and get new contacts. New international students come to Umeå each semester to study at Umeå University and the business school, Handelshögskolan. Although the students’ first priority is their academic studies, a great deal of importance is placed on developing new experiences, learning about a foreign culture and creating new contacts. The International Swedish Connection (ISC) works to integrate the new international students into Swedish culture and create opportunities for network expansion within HHUS.


International Swedish Connection Coordinator should integrate the international students into the HHUS environment and develop integration into the Swedish lifestyle. That is made through close contacts with the study advisors who are responsible for international students on Umeå School of Business and through active exchange with students on programs with international students such as the International Business Program.

Main tasks

- Welcome new international business students to Umeå Business School at the start of each term.
- Work as a link between committee leaders, committee members from relevant committees, ISC project leaders and international students at events such as social activities and corporate events.

- Recruit ISC Project leaders.
- Be responsible for the coordination of international student activities, focusing on the network development between different nationalities through for instance Swedish and English lessons.

Committee membership

International Swedish Connection Coordinator works as a member of the Quality committee.

Position appointment

International Swedish Connection Coordinator is chosen by the HHUS board during springtime every year. The International Swedish Connection Coordinator is responsible for all the activities in the International Swedish Connection program.