Vice President of the Education committee

What do the vice president do

The vice president is, together with the president of Education Committee, responsible for the committee. The main task is to be in charge of the monitors and make sure that the education is at it’s best. Aside from that you are a helping hand for the president and attend to the meetings he or she can’t attend to, organizing the meetings within the committee. For USBE the vice president works as SAMO (student work environment representative) to ensure the student work environment, both physical and mental.

Why being a vice president is a valuable experience

You get to develop a lot of personal qualities that you can have use of in your work future. As the leader for the monitors you have to be flexible and listening to make sure that everyone get the individual support that they need. Working closely to the president of the committee is a valuable experience in form of working in a team that is both external and internal.

The life as the vice president

A big part of the workload is to work operational, to be able to see the small part but also to see the big picture. It is good to be able to take one initiatives since no one is deciding your work tasks. The vice president is attending to meetings, the reoccurring ones is student representative at different meetings with USBE and the education committee meetings. Between that there are small meetings if there is something special to solve or discuss, for example contact with the director of studies and meetings with the monitors and president. Education is a lot more about feelings and individuals than you might think, so to be an open and listening person is a plus.