Art Director


In order to give HHUS a good and attractive outer appearance, someone is needed to do the layout for all marketing in a way that attracts viewers and where HHUS exterior is consistent and uniform in shape. The layout needs to be suited for both internal and external stakeholders’ interest.


The Art Director’s purpose is to be responsible for all layout in HHUS marketing channels alongside the committee’s Marketing Manager. The Art Director and Marketing manager can also running a group of talented enthusiasts who want to help out with presenting HHUS visually. An example of this the making the layout and design of posters.


The Art Director will ensure that the designs are made for posters and other marketing materials, which are determined within the committee or ordered from other committees. Layout and design work is performed mostly in Photoshop and InDesign, hence some experience with these programs is useful. Good cooperation is needed with the Marketing Manager and with other committees to keep tabs on what information should be disseminated next and to follow up that the designs and layouts are done in time.

Committee Affiliation

The Art Director belongs to the Marketing Committee. He or she has contact with all other committees in order to bring together information.


The Art Director is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.