Vice President Marketing Committee


A wise man once said that information is power. In today’s society it’s more about communicating than to inform, to maintain interest internally and externally.

It is important to HHUS that it is perceived and seen among the students as well-organized and in cooperation with associations working for the students to gain a better education, social activities and in contact with industries.


The Vice President, together with the marketing committee president has overall responsibility for the information distribution both internally and externally for HHUS. In addition, he or she, together with the president works to develop communication between committees within HHUS. The Vice president of the Marketing Committee is their president’s deputy.


As Vice president of the Committee, he or she is to be the contact between the various committees within the association. The implication is that the orders to the marketing committee shall be made by the Vice president who is responsible for delegating out these tasks to interested parties in the committee. The Vice president is also responsible for the Guerilla Group Project. This means that the Vice President is responsible for the recruitment and development of the Guerilla Group, and the ongoing work on the project. The Vice president has the primary responsibility of communications for E-pub’s marketing purposes.

Committee Affiliation

The Vice president belongs to the marketing committee. He or she is responsible for liaising with all committees within HHUS for their information to appear through the association’s communication channels.


The Vice president of the marketing committee is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview. The Vice president is responsible for internal and external communications of HHUS, ensuring they are used in the most efficient way, and to actively promote HHUS to its best through a strong commitment and cooperation.