Company coordinator

Company coordinator / vice president


The business committee is divided into different areas of responsibility. One of these is the cooperation between HHUS and the business world to shape cooperation between different business partners. The company coordinator has the overall responsibility for a functioning contact with the partners that during the year have a agreed-on cooperation. The company coordinator is, thus, responsible for HHUS and the partners fulfilling the terms and conditions stated in each agreement.


The company coordinator exists in order to make sure the cooperation between HHUS and the partners functions properly. The main purpose of the position is to make sure that the agreements are fulfilled in a manner satisfying both parties.


The following tasks are the responsibility of the company coordinator

  • Overlooking the agreements with the partners together with the president of the business committee as well as working to improve these.
  • Appointing and coordinating company hosts and representatives for all of the partners.
  • Making sure the partners have the possibility to carry out those events agreed upon as well as contributing with possibilities and ideas to carry out more events than those agreed upon.
  • Presenting a time plan for company events in consultation with the company host and the partner.
  • Make sure that different partners’ event do not collide with each other.
  • Monitoring that written agreements with the partners are upheld.
  • Continuously informing partners about news within the HHUS.

Committee Affiliation

The company coordinator is a part of the HHUS Business Committee. The natural link to the board of the organization is through the president of the Business Committee.


The company coordinator is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.