Sales coordinator


HHUS today has five official partner companies. We also wish to connect with other companies, which is why a coordinator in sales is necessary. The sales coordinator is responsible for everything related to sales towards companies.


The sales coordinators’ short term goal is to make sure that our current connections with our partners are held at an even standard. The long term goal is to constantly increase our number of partners and thereby lay the ground for new agreements with different sponsors.


The sales coordinator is responsible for
• Preparing and coordinating sales towards companies
• Being the contact within HHUS when our organization seeks different types of sponsorship

Making sure that the sales team follows the rules regarding our deals.
• Increasing the incomes in through advertisement in Ekbladet

Committee Affiliation

The Sales coordinator is a part of HHUS Business Committee. The link to the board goes through via the president of the business committee.


Sales coordinator is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.