Board Advisor


This board member position is not responsible for any particular activity but rather overarching responsibility to create a strong continuity within HHUS. Candidates for the post are advised to take direction from former advisors.


This position should contribute well to the entire boards work, preferably with experience from earlier years in engaging within HHUS. However if the applicant lacks previous HHUS experience, they may also contribute with experience from other outlets as references instead. Together with the President and Vice President, the advisor acts not only as a face of HHUS but also manages business internally.


Responsibilities include:

  • Putting the members and associations interests first from a strategic perspective.
  • Being involved in special groups and surveys in HHUS
  • Supporting team members
  • Challenging the other board members by bringing forward other perspectives.

Committee Affiliation

The Board Advisor fully forms the HHUS board with the President and Vice President, sits in all board meetings.


The Board Advisor is chosen by the members in direct elections as per the by-laws.