HHUS is a non-profit, democratically ruled organization, with a large operation and a high turnover in members. To make the organization work, there is need for cohesiveness and leadership. This is what the HHUS board is responsible for. The board itself needs cohesiveness, and this is what the presidium is in charge of.


HHUS has a president for a few very well listed reasons. Someone has to be responsible for the organization but also act as a guide to make sure that everyone involved works towards the same unified goals. Together with the vice president and board advisor, these three members of the board make the presidium. The president is in charge of external connections and leading the internal work of the organization.


• Leading the work of the board together with the vice president and the board advisor. This means that the president should lead and support the respective committee chairmen in their daily work, represent HHUS towards the university and external partners on a local and national level as well as be responsible for agreements made in the name of HHUS.

Has responsibility of the operation and the financial part of the organization. This means that the president together with the vice president should keep up to date with what is happening in the organization and should have a good insight in the organizations financial status as well as the work done by the committees and their chairmen.

Contact with Umeå Studentkår and the contact with USBE as a member of their board. The president has lunch with the principle of USBE once a month and represents HHUS in the network U9.

Committee Affiliation

Makes the presidium together with the vice president and the board advisor. Is a member of the HHUS board.


HHUS President is chosen by the members in direct elections as per the by-laws. The President is responsible for the operation of the organization and answers together with the board to the members.