Vice President


Because the association is growing the president of HHUS will need someone to share the responsibility and tasks with.


The vice president helps the president by being his deputy when needed and should support the president with his or hers work. Together with the president and the board advisor they form the presidium, where they all have the responsibility of represent HHUS and lead the association forward.


Vice President is responsible for:

  • Together with the president make sure that the work within the board and management positions are working smoothly and organize the resources the board or managers need.
  • Together with the president they should support the board members and make sure they are supporting their co-workers in their committees and other groups.
  • Together with the president they should be the face of HHUS and make sure that the association is represented in an active, clear, correct and respectful way.

Vice president is in the alumni-board, section council and the house council.

Committee Affiliation

Makes the presidium together with the president and the board advisor. Is a member of the HHUS board.


The Vice President is chosen by the members in direct elections as per the by-laws.