Evening manager – Beverage


E-pub is operated by the HHUS with the purpose of functioning as a meeting point for social encounters. Since the E-pub has several non-profit workers –  students – someone has to be responsible for operations as well as coordinating the work. This is executed by that the president and vice president of the pub committee lead the operations of the E-pub with the help of the people responsible during nights, so called “Evening Managers”.


The evening managers have the operative responsibility under assigned opening hours. Along with following alcohol serving regulations, the evening manager is responsible for the liquor license as well and should ensure E-pub is following serving regulations.


Responsibilities of the evening & beverage manager include:

  • Ordering all drinks so various assortments can be prepared and served.
  • Providing an updated drink list to all serving staff.
  • Keeping an up to date drink list with resources available at E-pub.
  • Maintaining a clean bar & liquor storage area.
  • Keep an updated inventory list prior to each weekly meeting.
  • Making all orders in the cheapest and most economically savvy fashion.
  • Making sure all is in order before ordering more products.
  • Storage of product goes in the appropriate place.


The evening & beverage manager has overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining amity within his team. It is also their duty that all team members are knowledgeable on alcohol regulations, food service regulations, student pub admission requirements and other necessary information. The evening & beverage manager should lead by example and always be available to help his team perform well.

Committee Affiliation

The evening & beverage manager is affiliated with the HHUS student pub committee and is linked to the board through the president of the student pub committee.


This Evening manager with responsibility over beverages is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.