President of the pub committee


E-pub is run by HHUS and its purpose is to work as a meeting place for social activities. Because Epub has a lot of voulunteer student workers, someone has to be responsible and organize the work. This is done by the President of the Pub committee with the help of the evening managers, who is in charge during the E-pub’s opening hours.


President of the pub committee has the responsibility of the business that the E-pub conducts.


Makes sure that E-pub follows the swedish law regarding alcohol and its specific type of business.

Is responsible for the relationship between E-pub and its distributors as well as the other student pubs in Umeå.

Is responsible for the contact with Akademiska Hus, which owns the premises in which we operate.

Makes sure that the evening managers have the competence necessary to work in a restaurant environment.

Committee Affiliation

Concludes the committee together with the evening managers, the dj-responisble and all staff. Is a part of the HHUS board.


President of the Pub Committee is chosen by the members in direct elections as per the by-laws.