Vice President of the Pub Committee



E-pub is operated by HHUS to function as a social venue for students. E-pub is operated by volunteer students and led by the president of the student pub, to handle general working operations of the whole pub and coordinate work. The pub committee uses designated evening managers to lead and keep E-pub functioning.


The vice president of E-pub shares responsibility of managing and running E-pub along with the president, who can fill the role of representative of E-pub when necessary. This ensures the workload is not too overwhelming for one person.


Responsibilities of the vice president include:

  • Managing E-pubs contacts with the social committee
  • Maintaining external contacts, in coordination with the president
  • Distribution of work among volunteers, of course in coordination with the president.
  • Ensures all operations function in accordance with HHUS statutes.

Committee Affiliation

Vice president of E-pub is affiliated with the pub committee and links E-pub to various social activities HHUS organizes.


Vice president of the pub committee is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview. They have a shared leadership position with the president of E-pub to manage the organization of the HHUS student pub, E-pub. The vice president acts as the face of E-pub representing HHUS and E-pub negotiating contracts and maintaining relations with external entities such as suppliers and customers. The vice president position is a distinctive role for HHUS representing the association to business suppliers and at events.