Vice President of the Social Committee


HHUS strive to have good quality of the social events organized and to facilitate the social work of the committee’s entry Vice President. The Vice President shall work for an enriched student life with creativity and greater opportunity for further development within the committee. Because of this, it seems the Vice President is a relatively variable position and can decide together with the other committee members where the focus should be. This will lead to management posts that can focus on their own responsibilities and get extra help if necessary.


The Vice President is a multifaceted position with focus simultaneously on many aspects, such as improvements and progress so that the quality of the social activities are raised. After the start of the semester, the Vice President has the task of ensuring that a meeting of enthusiasts is arranged, so that the new students can find out how they can get involved in social events. The Vice President is also responsible for ensuring that priorities are being made and followed in order to streamline thework of the Committee and, through this, create space for development. The Vice president shall facilitate the work of others as needed. At committee meetings the Vice President contributes with creativity, structure and problem solving. The committee will therefore have more scope to increase the quality of the social activities arranged within HHUS.


● Be an extra hand for the President of the Social Committee.

● Acting as secretary during committee meetings.

● Maintain good communication with all committees.

● Be responsible for creating interest in social activities for HHUS.

● Ensure that the new students (new HHUS members) get information on what contributions they can help with in the Social Committee.

● Develop the committee where and when it is needed.

● When of HHUS interest and when time permits, arrange events.

● Planning and coordinating “Graduation Weekend” together with USBE.

Committee Affiliation

The Vice president’s role is to act as a helping hand for the other members in the committee and contribute to the social committee’s further development.


The Vice president is a management position and is appointed by the HHUS board, preceded by an application and interview.

By: Lukas Norlund Sivermark