The Education Committee

The Education Committee is the committee in charge of overseeing education in HHUS. The president, Vice president, ISC Coordinator, Program monitors for all programs CEP / SM / HLP / IBP and Master’s Program monitor together form the HHUS Education Committee. They work to ensure the quality of our education at Handelshögskolan (The Umeå School of Business and economics) at Umeå University. An important part of the committee is of course our student representatives which are present in all classes!

You can turn to your program’s monitors with most issues related to your education. Program monitors are responsible for ensuring that the quality of education is maintained and continually improved. Student representatives are an important link in the chain that continuously report what happens in classrooms.

If there is a student related incident, turn to our honorary education watchers at Umeå Student Union if you suspect that something has gone wrong or that you might have been treated unfairly. If you are unsure of the rules regarding examination or have similar questions regarding rules, you can contact the student representative in your class, or the Education Committee for your program.

Within the Education Committee, we work with a variety of tasks. We represent students in meetings with teachers and institutions. At the faculty level is the President of the Education Committee who sits with the Committee. This is the faculty’s highest governing body. At the institutional level is the Program Watcher with student representatives in the Institution Program Board.

We promote issues that improve our education and organize events that are linked to education. We receive questions that you as a student encounter during the study period and forward your questions on to the university. Finally, we are also training at the national level through U9 which is a collaboration between the nine major economist associations and unions in Sweden. We have the tools necessary to create change!

It is you, the student who can influence your own and your colleagues’ study time by highlighting your opinions. To enable us to significantly improve the quality and value of our education, you must speak up and remember to fill out the course evaluations after completing a course!

Together, we can increase the value of our education, the school’s brand, and most importantly your personal brand!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Education Committee’s work or questions regarding your education!