Shout it out! informs

Do you have opinions about anything that concerns your education at USBE? You can always turn to your student representative(s) for your class, but if you can’t get ahold of the representative – shout it out! Regardless if it concerns a good seminar, a stressful exam or an ice cold classroom. The quicker we get to know about your opinions the earlier we can act. We are always available at the address , we will also showcase ourselves on instagram and around the campus. Follow-ups will be published on the HHUS webpage each month.

Why shout it out? All students at USBE are mainly here to study. When you get your degree from USBE you will be competing with students from other academic institutions. It is then important that you feel that you have had a relevant education with with great quality. In order for your teachers and other university staff to be aware of what you think about your education, in order words if you have any suggestions for change or just want to give feedback on something that is working well, it is your responsibility to tell! Give the education committee your feedback, as concretely as possible – shout it out!

Shout It Out Newsletter:
SOI january 2015
SOI February 2015