Education monitor


Education monitor Society science section (Swedish: SamhällsvetarSektionen “SamSek”)

Unfair grading, negative work environment, your internship not working out or unfair treatment from teachers; these are problems that, as a student, may unfortunately happen. Whether a problem is big or small, students have the right to talk to someone who knows the rules, laws and policies surrounding these issues and how they should be applied. As an education monitor, I do just that. I am here for advice and support, and if a conflict arises, I may act as a middleman between parties.

As an education monitor I also work to improve the quality of your studies. To do this I am present at council meetings, committees and other such groups in order to bring up questions and concerns relevant to the students.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the quality of your studies, your rights and obligations as a student as well as that of Umeå University, then contact me via email, phone or come by me in Umeå Student union’s corridor.

Alexandra Lindén
Umeå Studentkårs korridor