Ekbladet is the HHUS magazine, which comes out four times a year and is produced by an editorial board consisting of about 10 people led by an Editor in Chief and a Managing Editor. The Managing Editors works entirely on a voluntary basis and are constantly seeking new members. The magazine has a circulation of 1,350 copies and is distributed to all HHUS members and partners in business.

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For every issue of Ekbladet there is one redaction and about 10 employees. We work voluntarily and each issue begins with an editorial board meeting where the issue is planned out. Our ambition is to become a major editorial with equal gender and program distribution. It is up to each individual how much, little, frequently or infrequently they want to be engaged. We encourage you to talk to us, to be on an editorial board meeting, and then decide if you are uncertain.


Hope to hear from you,

Editor in Chief: Josefine Edvardsson Tel: 070-797 94 70 Mail: ekbladet@hhus.se

Managing Editor: Sandra Jansson Tel: 073-509 08 24 Mail: redaktion@hhus.se