The Business Committee

The Business Committee within HHUS is working actively to promote contact between students and businesses. The committee’s work is to create opportunities where businesses and organizations can meet HHUS members. Through activities, we want to create natural encounters for both local and national Swedish businesses which serves as a bridge between student life and future of work. This is done through company presentations, career fairs, case competitions, social events, etc.

A very important part of the committee’s work is to promote Umeå’s economics students in the business community and thus preserve and enhance HHUS members’ competitiveness in the labor market.

HHUS’ main partners are currently EY. HHUS has a number of partners, and these consist of Deloitte, Nordea and KPMG. These companies are those collaborated with the closest and therefore the companies that members come into contact with most often. They fund a portion of HHUS business and are also a great asset for HHUS members when they act as a link to the future labor market. We are very proud of HHUS collaborations and partner companies who are consistently an important part of HHUS business. Your business will be seen where HHUS are.