The pub committee

The pub committee is responsible for our major meeting spot on campus, E-pub.

Within the committee there is the president of E-pub, the vice president of E-pub, and the evening managers that works together to make your time at Umeå University as fun as possible. We work with, for example, planning, bookings, purchases, and trying our best to make sure that you will always have a great time at E-pub. To make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable with working at E-pub, the committee also gives job training to the bar staff. Due to this, everyone who wants to work is welcome to apply for a job at E-pub, regardless of previous employment.

We host sport evenings, dinners, club nights, and EPP (After Lecture Pub) and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions when it comes to events.

Those employees who work at least six times during the year are given the opportunity to come on the yearly pub trip.

We are very happy to cooperate with both BetSek and Juridiska Föreningen which have their own representatives in the committee.